Our product range includes:

Cigarette FiltersRanch FiltersAll of the 7 Ranch smoking filter types available at Metro Wholesalers 
Zig Zag Filters Zig Zag Smoking filters
Memphis Filters Memphis cigarette filters
Cigarette MachinesDark Horse Mini Maxi Rolling Machine Dark horse brand cig rolling machine
Ranch Rolling Machines Ranch Cig rolling machines
Zig Zag Rolling Machine Zig Zag cig rolling machine
Rolle Premium ETUI Automatic Machines Rolle brand cig rolling machine
Premier Tube Machine Premier Cig Tube Machine
Rayo Tube Machine 
Cigarette Papers & Blunt WrapsMagnum Blunts 
Mantra Papers 
Bob Marley Papers 
Mantra Papers 
OCB Papers 
Pure Hemp Papers 
Rizla Papers 
Smoking Brand 
Ventti Papers 
Zig Zag Papers 
Herbal TobaccoHoneyrose Herbal Cigarettes 
Honeyrose RYO 
Muza Blends 
Lighters & MatchesBIC Lighters 
BIC lighter Sleeves (45 Variants – Largest Range in Aus) 
ZICO Lighters 
Cricket Lighters 
Plasma Lighters 
BBQ & Other Lighters 
Redhead Matches 
Butane Gas / Lighter FluidDark Horse Gas 
Zippo Lighter Fluid 
Cigarette HoldersC.V. Filters 
Falcon Dry Rings 
Targard 6 Disposable 
The Filter Tip 
Tobko Holder 
General AccessoriesTiger Tobacco Pouches 
Electronic Scales 
White Pipe Cleaners 
CigarettesRichland Brands 
Cigars Mass Market 
Cigars Premium 
Cigars Premium Cuban 
Tobacco Pipe 
Tobacco RYO